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The Fine Chemical Benchmarking Service
Part 1 also identifies the various types of companies that participate in the pharmaceutical development process and their specific markets. Leading companies are identified in each segment and the companies are characterised in terms of their average size, and geographical spread.

Companies covered include:

Pharmaceutical companies, incl generics and biopharma companies
Drug discovery companies
Computational modelling companies
Kilo shops
Fine chemical companies
Contract research organisations
Manufacturers of excipients

The trends in all of these market segments are analysed and an estimate is given of the future of the various segments, especially in terms of total market segment value (not for excipients) and relative importance of geographical areas. For each of the segments, the future of the participating companies is analysed in terms of size, number of companies, and relative importance of geographical areas.

The value chain of commercial drugs is also analysed, and trends are identified. The impact of the trends in the various segments on the business is established, and a model of the business structure in the medium term future is given. Potential opportunities and threats for the fine chemical industry as a result of the changes are identified.