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Projects undertaken in recent years include:
ü Assistance in due diligence / M&A projects in the chemical, fine chemical / pharma / agrochemical segments for various investment banks and private equity companies.
ü For a leading fine chemical / pharma company in India: full strategy review including M&A and foreign investment planning
ü For a fine chemical company in Europe: Analysis of the company’s product portfolio, technological capabilities, and market position, followed by a re-definition of its strategy. Based on the new strategy a marketing plan was developed which helped the company penetrate new market segments and generate more business in its existing markets.
ü For a start-up company involved in synthetic biology: Assisted the company to create a strategy and a business plan based on the strategy.
ü For a leading Japanese multinational: assessment of the market opportunities for a specific chemical product line and identification of relevant investment opportunities in Europe.
ü For a producer of food and feed additives: Analysis of the market and the company’s competitive position. Following that, assisted the management team to define a new strategy aimed at accelerating the growth of the company, both organically and via targeted acquisitions.
ü For a leading European chemical company: analysis of its competitive position in one of its major products, and assessment of growth options in new markets.
ü For a leading European producer of fine chemicals, agrochemical active ingredients, and API’s: Study of agrochemical supply lines and status of outsourcing.